Infant and Adult Frenectomies

What the heck is a frenectomy and who needs one? Sometimes the attachment of the lips to the gums (frenums) are too high and can cause the gums to recede in adults or cause spacing between front teeth as well as limit the ability to close your lips together easily at rest. A frenectomy is a simple procedure to lower the attachments so the gums stop receding. It typically takes about 10 min to complete the entire procedure. Most patients only report a little sensitivity that usually lasts for a couple days. Please see our Children and New Moms page for more information on infant frenectomies.

Tongue Ties or Linugal Frenectomies are done in conjunction with Myofuntional Therapy to give full range of motion to the tongue. Why would we want to do this? In babies and children it has to do with sleep, speech, and eating well. In adults, the primary focus is sleep and snoring. If your tongue can’t live plastered to the roof of your mouth then you will not sleep as well or get as much oxygen to your brain. Overtime, this leads to terrible things like dementia, heart disease, and stroke to name a few.

Because the “ties” are so much smaller in infants, the procedure takes about 30 seconds, which is good because that’s about all a baby will give us! It is not painful for them but they don’t love our fingers in their mouth.

Please see our Infant Frenectomy section here to learn why a baby might need this procedure.

Treating cold sores and lip bites​

These things suck when you get them. If treated with a laser it stimulates healing much more rapidly. Oftentimes, they will resolve in a couple days instead of a couple weeks. The earlier we treat them the better, so give us a call and we can get you in right away.


We also use a laser to do laser whitening. If you are prone to sensitivity with whitenings, this is the best option out there to help minimize this. Most patients report little to no sensitivity after an in-office laser whitening session. We love our results with the laser whitening, so please ask about it at your next appointment if you are interested in brightening up your smile!

Diode Laser Technology

Our hygienist and doctors use a Diode Laser to assist with gum therapies, in conjunction with basic cleanings and with “deep cleanings”. It helps control the infection in your mouth that causes gum disease and loosens the attachment of tartar to your teeth before we remove it…meaning less scraping! If we notice your gums bleeding then we will recommend doing a laser treatment. It works wonders and we have been thrilled with the results.